Trend 7 Reasons Fashion Trend

Trend 7 Reasons  Fashion Trend
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let’s talk about seven reasons why you  shouldn’t follow fashion trend  and a few reasons why we already do  [Music]  hi guys welcome to my channel my name is  shakura and i believe that when you feel  good you look good so in this channel i  show you how to take luxury and  affordable fashion and use them as tools  to help you feel and look your best if  you watch my last video you know that  there are tons of trends that are  trending for fall i didn’t even cover.


  you know most of them to be honest but  there are so many things um that are on  trend so before we actually get into the  reasons why we shouldn’t follow trends i  feel like it’s important for me to  distinguish the difference between a fad  and a trend a lot of times when people  watch trend videos they leave comments  um suggesting that they don’t follow  trends and they wear whatever they want  um they also make comments like uh yeah  i don’t really participate in trends.


 they totally remove themselves from  being part of the trendy crowd so the  fact of the matter is whether we realize  it or not we all participate in trends  so let me just define what a trend is  and what a fad is a fad is a short-lived  moment in fashion where everyone is kind  of doing the same thing right  examples of this would be when people  were i think it was 2019 people were  tying their shoes around their pants  that was a fad in the 2010 around that  time.



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