Days what wearing In fashion trends

Days what  wearing In fashion trends
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But today I’ve got I’ve got    shirts I’ve got dresses I’ve got coats  jackets pants leggings .I even have shoes    and boots and I also have some beauty    items I thought I’d try something a little  different. In this video too for especially for the women who are in the warmer climates. I’m going to show    outfits and then I’m kind of going to    layer them with the jackets and the    coats and that way it’ll be great for    the women in the warmer climates and    also for the women in the chilly North    you know I really feel that dressing up    is something we we really have to do    these days and I’m so excited to show    these items to you.


Those in black brown and white for about    16.99    and now let’s talk about the shoes I’ve    been humming and hawing about these    chunky soil heels for quite a while now    but these loafers with the chain detail    really caught my eye I think this look    is here to stay for a while and they’re    available for 49.99 in three colors and    they’re super comfy and now let’s add a    layer I found this beautiful coat with    faux fur liner and also a faux fur    collar it’s only 75.99 and it’s buttery    soft and available in seven colors it’s    a great length for pants or even a skirt    and it’ll keep me toasty warm and    stylish on those chilly days .


Beauty skin care Fashions even    housewares all you have to go is scroll    down rather and you’ll find all of the    items of my faves there and now how    about two more options for jackets for    that last outfit these next jackets    they’re trendy they’re stylish and yes    you can wear them first this trendy    shearling jacket and this is also    available in black and three other    colors it’s like lightweight and it’s    great for those days when it’s not    freezing outside I love the toggle    buttons and the hood and it it just    really has a fun vibe to it it’s    available for just 56.99    my next jacket will keep you toasty and    warm it has a faux fur hood.

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