Emma Chamberlain Rates 2023’s Top Fashion Trends Vogue

Emma Chamberlain Rates 2023’s Top Fashion Trends  Vogue
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.Me not being on Tik Tok is not good    because I’m starting to feel like a .Millennial and I’m gen Z next thing you    know you’re using your iPhone flashlight    to. Read the menu at a   like it’s    edgy in the sense that it’s a fashion .Risk I can’t wait for my pantsless    moment I don’t know when it’s going to    be I do it all the time in my house when .   I’m by myself and it looks not Chic it    really bad it looks sloppy and band    when I do. It at home but one day I’m I’m    going to participate in this trend and    it’s going to be a really fun day for me.


   So many    pieces at thrift stores right now that    could build an outfit    easily that. Fit into this stealth wealth    quiet luxury aesthetic anyone and    everyone. Should be participating I’d    rate the trend itself a 9 out of 10    aesthetically like what. It looks like    like when I’m looking at it that’s a 9    out of    10 oh okay okay yeah you know okay    there’s layers to this there’s layers to    this for me I didn’t participate in it    but I’ll tell you why number one.


I just    don’t like pink on myself I don’t like I    I don’t like how it looks on me I was a    pig for Halloween and that was sort of a    pale pink pale pink can work for me. I    would rate Barbie core is 7.5 out of 10    mainly for the community aspect of it. I    love everyone getting together and being    excited about an aesthetic. I also am so    inspired by the impact that a singular    movie can have on everyone that’s just.  Cool Greta’s a badass you know what I    mean like that’s so cool like. See an outfit that’s    tomato girl and you’re like that’s    tomato girl there’s no questions asked  .

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