Fashion 2024 trends

Fashion 2024  trends
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Well ready to look forward fashion  forward this new year you should be  thinking. About jewelry and colors Fox  Carolina’s Michaela leget is showing us  the trends. And how you can do it without  maxing out your credit card denim  graphic te’s Devon.  Owner of Lizard  Thicket here in Greenville says this  year is like a blast from. The past so we  are going to be seeing a lot of  inspiration from past decades especially  like ’90s grung Maran snik also an  Upstate Boutique owner showing us new  fashions being paired with a fresh color  palette we are looking at colors that  are vibrant that are bold that are.


really standout but the color of the  year is peach fuzz offering a lot of  variety oh yeah it’s a great color to be  able to pair with like your Grays or  your off- whites in denim in Black so  it’s really a color that is a chameleon  inst style magazine saying this year is  all about Fringe I definitely going to  be coming in and that’s kind of playing  on that ’90s Grunge  um and 880s too inspired a little bit so  we’re going to be seeing a lot of Fringe  a lot of leather Fringe Fringe on denim  um even on some shoes there’s one Trend  elevating your 2024 fashion stacking  jewelry bows and statement necklaces.



are  starting to make their way back as well  accessories are really the key whether  it be a short necklace or a long  necklace to be able to tie that whole  look together not having to break the  bank to stay fashionable you don’t have  to go out and buy a whole brand new  wardrobe it’s working with what you have  in adding the new season to it reporting  in Greenville Michaela leet Fox Carolina  news

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