Love Fashion Trends 2023 Fashion dresses

Love Fashion Trends 2023  Fashion dresses
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[Music]  well hello everyone today i’m back with  another wearable fashion trends video  this time we have 12 fashion trends a  little more geared towards spring and  summer but honestly these can be applied  to the rest of 2022. it is in  collaboration with nordstrom like always  i love nordstrom i love teaming up with  them and i can always find exactly what  i’m looking for i specifically picked  these trends that i think would be great  to incorporate into your existing  wardrobe so let’s get started everything  will be linked down below in the  description box up first.


We have what I like to call slit pants I have no idea  if that’s really. What they’re called. But  I am seeing a lot of slits at the bottom  of pants and jeans and. I love this trend. If you can find some good pairs. Because  some are really bad but i have a few  options for you that I think are awesome .First up being this faux leather uh kind  of like skinny pant option that is like  a beigey cream color it goes with so  many different things and as you can see  down here it is slitted at the bottom  towards the front and so it just kind of  shows off shoes well .


It’s just like a  nice accent to the pair of pants. They  fit really well i’ll have all of my  sizing details listed down below in the  description box. As well and then also if  you’re into flares flared pants are  absolutely coming back.Some people love. Them some people hate them. but these are  another pair that have a good slit in  them and they’re also faux leather  they’re more of like a classic khaki  color but i think they’re a great option  too.


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