WEARABLE FASHION TRENDS 2023  The Allure Edition
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Hi guys welcome back to my Channel or . Welcome if you are new my name is jocely  and. I make videos of a Fashion Beauty  and lifestyle today we’re going to be  talking about eight fashion trends for  2023 that I am here for yes and these  are fashion trends that are wearable  because I have been watching videos  about fashion trends for 2023 and yes  okay I see it but how can I wear that  right so no problem you’re gonna see  eight fashionable.


 They’re  Timeless and they brought the pocket. The  cargo pocket and a very nice way when. I  try these pants on at the Express store  I was like oh my gosh these are  incredible guys you’re gonna be seeing  me wearing these pants Non-Stop and you  know when I light something I wear it I  wear it for years years  they have the beige color and the black  color and the  army green color which I couldn’t find  my size on the army green but I am  obsessed with the black color .


the eyeberry colors are amazing and of  course because they are a light color  you need to be careful with the  underwear so be careful with the  underwear and I order the army green  because they’re so good  yes so you’re going to be seeing a cargo  pants and cargo pockets on skirts on  dresses on everything it’s going to be  so big and I am so glad because I got my  two pair of pants that are amazing and I  can wear to the office or I can wear  whatever because they’re amazing  add another



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